And I always have been

I remember once when I was 18 years old being in a Department store and I was looking at all the skin products and was umming and ahhing about whether to buy anything or not

And the lady said to me, “how much did you spend on your shoes?” Because your shoes will only last you so many wears  but your skin is with for your life and is on display every day so make sure you invest in it and look after it’

That really stuck with me and I have always looked after my skin and always been obsessed with skincare, ingredients in skincare and always wearing SPF every day

So creating my own skin care range is something I feel very very passionate about

I wanted to create a product range that gave instant as well as long term results.

A range that had unique & premium ingredients with clinically proven benefits.

A range that gave women skin confidence and delivered on its promises.

I also wanted to create a range that was accessible to women on a budget and gave women all over the world access to premium skin care products – without a premium price tag.

And with the launch of The Healthy Mummy Skin range I am delighted to be able to deliver on this and I cannot wait for you and your SKIN to be able to experience the incredible results from this new range.

You can check out the first product in the NEW range here – which is the PINK CLAY MASK and you can watch my video below unveiling it!

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