Wow I cannot believe it has been EIGHT years since I launched The Healthy Mummy.

I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to be the Founder of this incredible business and this incredible community that has and continues to change the lives of millions of mums all over the world.
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How did it begin?

For those of you who don’t know the story here it is!

I had been working in a corporate media job for 12 years but it was not where my heart was.
I loved nutrition and fitness and had studied an online course whilst I was at my job which just fuelled by passion for it.
Rhian Deborah Knight
Then I became pregnant with my first baby and experienced the weight gain that all mums face and that was when I realised that there was nothing that existed to help mums get healthy and lose weight after having kids.
Rhian pregnant
So at 6 months pregnant, I quit my job, left my career and sold my house and in October 2010 I launched The Healthy Mummy and in December 2010 my first baby was born.
Rhian baby
It has been NON STOP every single day and I could never have imagined 8 years that we would have helped as many mums as we currently do and have done in 8 years.
Rhian Healthy Mummy
I would never have believed that mums would have lost over 3 million kilos with us and I am constantly blown away when I meet mums who have literally transformed their health and bodies with us and I just LOVE knowing we are helping so many mums regain their body confidence and health.
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Results on our programs

Here are literally just a few of the 100,000’s of mums who have shared their results with us
Krystle weight loss results
Real Mums Tummy Fat Losing Results

6 mums show us how far they have come on their weight loss journey with photos

Cicily weight loss

It has been a CRAZY 8 years. I had another little bub 2 years in and The Healthy Mummy is a big part of my family’s life.
Rhian and kids
They are part of it as much as I am – and they love it – and my two little boys were the inspiration behind The Healthy Kids Smoothie – as they are such fussy eaters!
We have launched sooo many products over the years too – all of which have been driven by customer request and it has been so amazing to create so many best selling products that mums want, need and love – and all of which are made in Australia.
Our two biggest products mums use every day are our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app and our Healthy Mummy Smoothies 
We also have lots and lots of other products ranging from our Healthy Mummy Super Greens, Healthy Mummy Pregnancy range, our Healthy Mummy Breastfeeding Powders, our Protein Powders, our Metabolism Boosting Supplement, our Active Wear Range, our High Strength Apple Cider Vinegar tablets, our Immune Boosting Powders, Kids Smoothies, Over 50 recipe books – and LOTS more coming!!
Rhian uk Smoothies
And I was so so so excited that we launched The Healthy Mummy in the UK this year and that in 2019 we launch into the USA!
rhian mums uk
We also have lots lots more planned for Australia including a very very exciting launch coming very soon!!!
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