A week in the life of my Healthy Mummy work life is never exactly the same. Except it is ALWAYS busy.

I love that it is always so fast paced but it can become a bit whirlwind-esque at times and my to do list is a never ending list that is amended, re-prioritised or knocked down and started again.

So I thought I would share what a week in my work life was life last week.

Last week was AWESOME as I was lucky enough to meet 4 mums who have lost over 150kg on The Healthy Mummy plans.

I feel an enormous amount of pride in what we do at The Healthy Mummy – but when I actually get to meet the actual mums that the business makes the difference to then WOW – it is just INCREDIBLE.

I am so customer focused and I love love love listening to the customer and getting to know them and I LOVE to give them an amazing VIP treatment – I only wish I could do that for every single customer – maybe one day 🙂

We also brought in an ACE video team to record the whole things and Cicly’s story is first cab off the rank – watch it below – I LOVE IT – and brings a tear to my eye to watch her story.

We also had LOTS of media coverage from the shoot and featured on news.com.au, newidea.com.au, take5.com.au and on the front page of the Fraser Coast Paper – pretty cool!

So that was a BIG part of the week but I had lots more on too including hiring new staff as the business is rapidly expanding so I am constantly growing the team to ensure we are able to continue to grow. Plus we have soooo many new product coming out!

New Products

We are gearing up for LOTS of new product launches which is exciting and nerve wracking – but much more exciting – I just LOVE this stuff. I LOVE creating new products that the customer wants and I know are AWESOME health products and will be an awesome addition to a mums life. This drives me so much and fires me up a huge amount.

And each week I sit down for a few hours with our product development manager and I BOUNCE out of the meeting room as I get so excited about new products!!

And we are now getting very very close to launching some INSANELY exciting new products – including our Limited Edition 7th Birthday Box, our Whey Protein Powder & our Drinking Chocolate with no added sugar.

I also spent lots of time launching our NEW Customer Loyalty Rewards Program this week and this was a BIG job. It was 6 months in the making and I wanted to do this to give back to the customer and reward them with Healthy Mummy points for shopping with us.

Towards the end of the week I had an interview with The Age (Fairfax) which is really cool as it is such a reputable publication and I always feel so honoured to featured in the media and hopefully their interview will be published this week

Plus of course I am a mum of 2 busy busy boys so I am fitting in school pick ups, drop offs and lunch box making around this too – which is why my instagram name is @rhianbusyallen

Thanks for reading

Rhian x

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