I have an announcement

Just over 3 weeks ago I made the very difficult decision to resign and step down as CEO of The Healthy Mummy.

It was such a hard decision after having founded the business 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby.

I love the business, the brand, the customers, the staff, the community and the culture that we have built over the past 12 years and I actually believed that I would never walk away and would be still here until I was 90 and am so passionate about what we all do!

It has been an absolute privilege and honour to run the business for so long and the best part has always been having such a close relationship to the customer and the community.

I have always been so humbled at how the customer has allowed the brand and me into their life and trusts what we do.

It has also been a privilege to work with so many AMAZING people (99.9% of whom have been women and mums) over this time and I have been so lucky to have worked with a team who have been as passionate and dedicated to the business as I have been.

When I started the business in 2010 there were a few things that were top of mind for me and which are still top of mind today 12 years on.

Firstly I wanted to create a community – a genuine community that supported, empowered and helped one another and that was a safe place to be a part of.

We have invested so much in this and still today I spend hours each day in the community- listening, responding and understanding what you the customer needs and ensuring that our online community is a positive, uplifting and supportive place to be a part of.

Secondly I wanted to create a business that put the customer as number one.

How many times can you say a business really does that? For me it was paramount. I love the customer and have always placed you on a pedestal and have never changed my belief in 12 years on this (I think about you guys and how we can do better EVERY day) and I believe that this is critical for any successful business.

Thirdly I wanted to create a business where you the customer drove what we do. For those long time followers you would have been part of many of my polls, surveys and feedback forms where I ask what you want to see, what product launches you want, what services you want and how we can help you.

Everything we do and have done is driven by you and I feel exceptionally lucky to have such a vocal and active community who has helped guide me for so long.

So why am I leaving?

Firstly it has not been an easy decision but I am a strong believer that all of us need to take care of ourselves and our wellness and even though decisions are hard it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them – so here I am standing by my own beliefs and living what I believe which I hope you can all understand even though this will come as a shock – it is still a shock for me!.

I am still as passionate today about healthy living, wellness, positive living and business as ever and I am not going anywhere and as always you can follow me here on my Facebook page or on my Instagram page @rhianbusyallen and am excited about what I will do next (but I am not sure what this will be yet!!)

I will also be a brand ambassador for The Healthy Mummy too as I think you all know I think the products rock!

And finally I wanted to say a massive thank you.

I am so so grateful for your support that you have shown me for so long and I wouldn’t be here without you.
I feel so so lucky to have done what I have done for 12 years and to have created something pretty awesome with an incredible team and an incredible community supporting me and lifting me up every single day and I cannot say THANK YOU enough times and whatever I do next I will be sure to keep you involved and informed

Rhian xx