Hi everyone – my name is Rhian and I am the Founder of The Healthy Mummy and I wanted to write this post this week.

As humans we can be hard on ourselves.

The mental torment we put ourselves under is tough.

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We can sometimes set the bar so high that if we fail to reach that bar we come CRASHING down and can be left to feel like a failure and left feeling worthless.

This is not good.

This is really not good.

I sometimes see this happening and it worries me a lot.

I recently read a post from an incredible mum in our community. Someone who we all love. Someone who has has an incredible journey. Someone who wears who heart on her sleave. Someone who has had her fair share of ups and downs. Someone who is a total ROCK STAR.

And in this post the mum was devastated that she had had to worn spanx for a night out.

dear body thank you for being incredible

I was so upset to read the post as this mum was genuinely upset that she had had a tough time of late with weight loss and saw wearing spanx as a failure.

She saw the wearing of spanx that she was somehow cheating herself and her loyal followers by wearing them.

Even though she had some SOOOOO far in her Healthy Mummy journey and inspired soooo many 10,000’s of mums, she was broken in her post and I wanted to give her a BIG HUG and remind her of how AMAZING she is!

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This is my take on the situation…

  • Firstly – whether you wear spanx or not – you are amazing. You are an amazing mum. You are an amazing person. You are beautiful and have come so far. So what if your body changes and fluctuates – embrace it and accept that it will go up and down and remember you are AMAZING!
  • If wearing spanx makes you feel confident – WEAR THEM. I strongly believe that confidence leads to happiness – so if it makes you feel confident – wear them. But if you feel uncomfortable in them – then ditch them and choose a different outfit that makes you feel confident and always EMBRACE your body
  • Hormones effect the body in different ways – if they make your body bloat up then don’t stress about it – accept that this happens and wear clothes you feel comfortable in
  • LOVE YOURSELF! We are humans – not robots and you should not feel bad EVER about yourself EVER. Feeling bad about yourself is always a BAD THING. Gaining a few extra kilos or pounds is not a reason to feel bad about yourself. It is just a number on a scales. It doesn’t change you or who you are so don’t let it effect your mood and always remember to LOVE YOU and if anyone reading this ever feels bad about themselves then come to our Healthy Mummy groups as we have more love to send your way than you can shake a stick it!!1703_THM_AS_StrongWomen_meme
  • If you have fallen off the wagon and have had a terrible month or two that is OK! I know many amazing personal trainers who this happens to all the time. Keeping in peak physical condition is hard work and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you are less than perfect for a period of time. Life is for living and for being happy and if you do have a period of time where you fall of the wagon – definitely recognize it and get back on the wagon but DON’T beat yourself up as you are amazing.
  • The most important thing in living a healthy life is balance.
  • No one is perfect. Everyone slips up. We are all human and maintaining the balance is the tricky part!
  • But together we can do it. Together we can support each other to do it and together we can learn that mistakes are part of learning and that making mistakes is ok – and perspective is CRITICAL.

The scales DOES NOT define you and ALWAYS remember that and ALWAYS show yourself and others LOVE as we need to support each other at all times x

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