My three MUST read tips on how to make your business FLY!

Running a business is HARD WORK

It can be relentless.

It can be exhausting.

It can be stressful.

It can be overwhelming.

It can also be extremely rewarding.

But the one thing I know more than anything that to have a successful e-commerce business you must master execution. Without it you can’t scale and you likely won’t be profitable 

A lot of people often think it is the idea that is crucial and don’t get me wrong – ideas are so important and for any business you need a never ending stream of ideas to innovate and drive your business forward.

BUT if you get the execution wrong on your ideas then the ideas are worth nothing.

For me I put execution as the number one criteria in making a business fly.

And for excellent execution you need to fully immerse yourself in the idea, in your customer mindset, the customer experience, the customer journey and be prepared to constantly challenge yourself and the way you think.

I would say that I am absolutely obsessive about this and I believe that it was this obsession that allowed me to build The Healthy Mummy business to a $20m+ business before selling it in March 2022 (I am no longer involved in The Healthy Mummy business).

So what are my THREE must follow tips if you are looking to execute an idea well online? Read them all below

1) Understand your customer

Put yourself in the customers’ (or potential customer) shoes. What are they currently going through. What are their current pain points in life? For example – you may be selling an expensive car but your audience may be hit with heavy interest rate rises and be struggling to pay bills so buying a car is the last thing on their mind.

You need to really understand your customer so you can be useful to them. In the example of the car – if your customer is struggling financially and it is not possible to buy a new car then what about if your car company ran a competition to win a year of free fuel – I don’t know any family or person who wouldn’t love that – and with that you build engagement, brand loyalty, brand awareness and leads for people who may be interested in a car further down the track when their financial situation improves.

Understanding your customers situation is critical to execution and you can also further immerse yourself in this by running focus groups or throwing yourself into social media where you get to hear first hand the pain points of your customer.

When you 100% understand your customers situation you become a better marketer, a better idea generator, a better customer service provider and a much better executer.

2) Creative execution

With regard to creative execution – this is so important. When I ran The Healthy Mummy this was something I used to spend so much time on. I always had a vision for the creative and I always knew that to connect and engage with the consumer the creative execution had to speak to them. Had to make them stop scrolling and it had to stand out from the other ads that people were bombarded with.

With the creative execution – it has many touch points and understanding what the customer sees, when they see it and how they see it at each part of the funnel is critical.

Firstly the creative they first see has to get them to stop. It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome landing page and product – if your top of funnel or ad creative sucks then no one is ever going to get there so it is irrelevant.

So firstly ensure your execution of your top of funnel creative is brilliant.

Again think about your customer. Why would they stop at your ad. Would it appeal to them? Does it solve a pain point? These are all things that matter. And there is your ad creative to consider as well as the copy. 

And again I always spend so much time on this. A mistake I see brands make over and over again is creating corporate looking ads that do not engage and do not create any kind of emotional connection. You may think they look professional and are great branding but in the social media and digital space, consumers are not looking to be sold to. They are not looking to click on brand ads. They are not looking to connect with brands. They look to connect with people.

Social media is that – it is social. It is about humans connecting to other humans. Forming relationships and feeling like they belong.

If your ads can look like they belong on social media and are part of the mix then you are half way there. If you are or have a Founder or brand personality then use this in execution as the power of the Founder and spokesperson cannot be understated in good execution, connection and brand trust.

Founders always have a powerful story and are passionate about their brand so having the Founder as front and centre in social media helps the brand stand out and connect to consumers in a sea of corporate looking brand ads and most importantly it creates trust with the brand and the consumer and without trust it is pretty hard to make sales.

So for your top of funnel and digital ads – look to create ads and copy that belong there. Use story telling and use imagery and stills that resonate with the end user. Is it harder work? Yes! But it is so worth it and will pay dividends in revenue.

3) Landing page Execution

Next you need to consider landing pages

Landing pages are super duper important. If you are spending money, time and effort into driving traffic to your website then don’t stuff it up at this point.

And it is a similar approach to the execution of ads. Do the landing pages appeal to your customer? Does it make them want to know more? Does it solve a problem they have? Does it overcome any objections they may have? Does it have social proof. Or is it a one size fits all, corporate looking landing page that you want to set and forget in the hope of easy and automated revenue?

The biggest point here is when someone lands on your page – is there enough of a hook to want them to stay on there and learn more?

Paying attention to bounce rates, heat mapping and time on the page is crucial here. Anyone can claim to know the best thing to do but no-one actually knows what works until you test it and start to learn.

Test and learn is crucial on landing pages and you need to be nimble and act fast – if something bombs and doesn’t work – don’t leave it on there – go and change it. Like wise if you test something and it goes well then you want to scale your ad spend immediately for maximum impact.

For me, I would look at traffic, load times, bounce rates, heat mapping, conversion and revenue multiple times through the day and would constantly tweak execution where needed. Again I was obsessive about this and would live and breath the execution of the copy, creative, advertising, landing pages and conversion 24/7.

I believe that it this execution approach that will help you find the winning formula for driving what the customer wants and in turn will drive your business revenue and allow you to scale.

So if you are not obsessing about execution – now is the time to start if you want to give the customer what they want and supercharge your business.

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