90 Day Business Acceleration Program

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If you want to fast track your business then you need the 90 Day Business Acceleration program.
It is designed to help you get drive the growth and revenue of your business and over the course of 90 days so you set yourself up for short and long term success.


Welcome to The 90 Day Acceleration Program My name is Rhian and I am your coach.

If you want to fast track your business then you need the 90 Day Business Acceleration program.

It is designed to help you drive the growth and revenue of your business over the course of 90 days so you set yourself up for short and long term success.

I am passionate about helping brands and business achieve their goals.

I have over 20 years experience in ecommerce, digital media, sales, marketing, community building, PR and business growth and through my experience I can help you to accelerate your business.

And everything I teach you, will be from my own experience of starting, scaling and growing my own ecommerce businesses. I started my first ecommerce business in 2010 (The Healthy Mummy) and without any loans or debt I managed to turn it into a $24m business. I then went onto sell half of it to a Private Equity firm, before fully exiting and selling to a trade buyer a few years later.

I started my second ecommerce business soon after called Healthy Active Pets. And after working a a Consultant to many other businesses through my Company, Rhian Allen Consulting, I found that I didn’t have enough time to take on many new clients but I had lots of people requesting help. So I decided to make my 90 Day Acceleration Program available online so it be of more use to more people needing help in this area.

Through my 90 Day Program I will guide you on the core areas of growth for your business so that you see the results you need.

I give you the knowledge and tools to succeed and after the 90 days you will have more skills, more knowledge and more actions to take that will transform your business.

What’s included?

The 90 Day Program is broken into 3 x one month sections so you can complete one month at a time – you will receive all information and files for the 90 days when you purchase and it will sent to you via email.

It comes in a PDF format so it is easy to print off and complete each month.

*Month one is the foundation and strategy action plan
-Assess and Define Goals
-Market Research and Target Audience
-Branding and Messaging
-Marketing and Promotion Strategy

*Month two is sales and revenue generation focus
-Sales Funnel Optimisation
-Customer Relationship Management
-Partnerships and Collaborations
-Revenue Diversification

*Month three is scaling and optimisation
-Operational Efficiency
-Customer Feedback and Refinement
-Data Analysis and Insights
-Future Planning and Growth

We cover all the key areas you need to accelerate your business and we use proven strategies for success.


7 reviews for 90 Day Business Acceleration Program

  1. Susan

    I have followed Rhian for a number of years so this was a no brainer for me and it doesn’t disappoint. I have also seen other programs that are 5 times more $$ than this but without the indepth information. Thank you for creating such a great program – I can’t wait to see what it does for my business

  2. Emma J

    So happy with this program. It is exactly what I need and what I have been looking for. Really comprehensive and easy to follow.

  3. Gemma

    I found this program really practical and informative. A huge amount of information and well set out

  4. Belinda

    Great program and just what I needed! My business is 3 years old and I wish I had followed this earlier – thank you!

  5. Nicola.P

    I have been a big fan of Rhian since she launched The Healthy Mummy so was keen to look at this. I have my own business and I have been struggling lately. Sales have decreased and my costs have gone up and I felt so overwhelmed and stressed. I started this 90 day program last month and I am finding it really useful. It is full of practical advice and is really helping me get back on track when before I couldn’t see the wood from the trees. Thank you for creating it and helping me get back on track

  6. Dani J

    I highly recommend this program. It is helped me so much and is well put together. I am feeling so much more on top of things after month 1

  7. Melanie

    This is exactly what I need. The economy is having a negative impact on my business and I need guidance and advice on how to grow my revenue and customer base. This course is helping me so much and making me see how to do things better and has given me so many ideas

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