You could safely say I am a busy mum.

A very busy mum infact!

‘Me time’ is not something that I have much of and as silly as this sounds, my ‘me time’ is lying in bed drifting off to sleep with the house in peace and quiet – bliss!

So how do I juggle it all?

Kids? Hubby? Business? Fitness? Cooking?

It isn’t easy but one of the things I have learned is that you just have to go with it.

You also need to enjoy all the small moments as to me that is what life is about and I can say that my family and the love I have for them is what drives me every day.

And being a mum is stressful enough without getting stressed out about things you can’t control.

And I have accepted many years ago that there are MANY things out of my control – and that goes for my enormously cheeky boys and my Healthy Mummy business which has hundreds of thousands of mums using the Healthy Mummy products and plans every day

I also get them in my office and at work with me regularly so they understand what I do and are part of it all.

But what is in my control is how I live and what food I put into my body and how much I move.

And I am by no way saying I am perfect – and nor do I think that we all need to be perfect

But I aim to eat as much healthy foods as possible and move as much as I can but I have bad days.

Days when I am so tired I can barely function and all I want to do is stay in bed and eat my body weight in food!

And do I have treats? Absolutely! I think as soon as you tell yourself not to have something then inevitably you will end up craving it, so I don’t deprive myself, I just make the treats occasional and not every day throughout the day – I love the 28 Day Challenge food as there are just so many recipes (over 3,000) so as part of my job I ensure I test all the new ones coming out every month so I love trying all the new recipes!

Hectic life

My life is also very hectic and no day is the same

The weekdays morning are always a blur of CRAZINESS making breakfasts, trying to get my fussy kids to eat breakfast, then getting them both ready (and spending a lot of time trying to find matching socks – and usually failing), lunch boxes packed and then trying to get myself ready.

This is why I usually have a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast. They are so quick and easy and they keep me sane! My hubby has one too.

And then when everyone is sorted, I begin my business work.

And as I don’t have time allocated to go to the gym, I fit in exercises into my day.

I do squats during the day, I always run up the stairs, I do mini push ups and then when I take the kids to the park I make sure I am really active and do bench steps, squats and general running around.

Then in the evenings I do the 28 Day Challenge exercises which give you maximum benefit in minimal time.

The thing about exercise is that I see it as a health benefit. If I don’t do any I feel sluggish. Sure there are some days when I don’t do as much as I would like but such as life

Meal times

Meal times I find sooo much easier when I plan ahead. I find the 28 Day Challenge meal planner to be an enormous help and I don’t know how I managed without it!

The chefs and nutritionists we have in the business who create all of the recipes and meal plans are amazing and I love how they bring so much food and taste variety into my life – they never cease to amaze me.

I can honestly say that no day is every the same but the key for me is having food planned so that is something I don’t have to think about and for the rest of it, it is about going with the flow!

Rhian x

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