At The Healthy Mummy believe that meal prepping is one of the best ways to eat healthily and stick to a budget!

And to highlight this, The Healthy Mummy decided to donate 300 Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals to local charities Community Northern Beaches and Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

Kaitie Rhian Sascha packing food
The Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen and Sascha Farley and Kaitie Pursell

On the day, The Healthy Mummy Founder, Rhian Allen plus two amazing mums from The Healthy Mummy Community Kaitie Purssell and Sascha Farley, meal prepped all 300 meals to show other mums how simple meal prep can be. And to ensure the food did not go to waste – all 300 meals were donated to charity

Healthy eating does NOT have to be expensive!

One of the biggest misconceptions about healthy eating is that it is expensive, but that is NOT the case!

Both Kaitie and Sascha are 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge members and have lost 21kg and 30kg respectively thanks to meal prepping healthy food, and they’ve saved money too!

Mum of two Kaitie says, “Meal prepping has helped so much in my weight loss journey. I am a busy mum of two on a tight budget, and always having a freezer full of meals and snacks saves me from skipping meals or grabbing takeaway on nights where time is limited. It absolutely keeps me on track!”

Kaitie’s amazing body transformation using the 28 Day Challenges

Kaitie Purssell

Sascha, another mum-of-two says, “Meal prepping has been one of the main keys to my success not only for staying on track but for staying on budget. Meal prep means there is always a back up for ‘one of those days’!”

Sascha’s body transformation using the 28 Day Challenges


The meals we made

meals prepped for charity

All of these recipes are available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Recipe Hub.

  • Quick Chicken Laksa
  • Tomato, Olive, Caper and Feta Pasta
  • Asian Quinoa Salad
  • Asparagus Rice Salad

Donating to those less fortunate

The 300 meals made were donated to two local, Sydney charities: Community Northern Beaches and Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

Rhian and Di women's shelter
Rhian, The Healthy Mummy Founder and Di from Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter

Di Jenkins from Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter says, “Without the community support, the Shelter could not operate so initiatives like this from The Healthy Mummy are amazing because they actually put good, nutritious food in front of and to the benefit of the Women’s Shelter.”

John Kelly from Community Northern Beaches says, “These meals are going to be fantastic for homeless people because they’re all pre-cooked and that’s very important because we can only give very limited food like a can of baked beans or a can of tuna which isn’t necessarily healthy or tasty, so these particular meals are going to be really well received.” 

Rhian and CNB
Rhian, The Healthy Mummy Founder and Daniel from Community Northern Beaches

The Healthy Mummy Founder Rhian Allen says, “We love showing mums how making healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive and meal prep is key to this. It was also amazing to be able to donate so many healthy meals to those in need.”

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