Did you catch Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen on Studio 10 today?

Along with hosts Natarsha Belling and Toni Pearen, Rhian cooked up our DELICIOUS and family-friendly chicken and vegetable lasagne that’s healthy too!

Rhian Studio 10 lasagne

The Healthy Mummy on Studio 10!


How YUMMY does this chicken and vegetable lasagne look?? And it’s super easy too!

Rhian says, “The great thing about this is that it’s actually fun to do with the kids as well. I do this one a lot with my kids, get them involved and I say it’s like building a tower with all the layers.”

And while we use chicken mince, you can use beef, pork or even get experimental with fish or lentils, whatever you fancy! Plus, you can add in different herbs, veggies and basically whatever is in your pantry.

Unlike the traditional béchamel sauce used in lasagne, ours is healthier and quicker version made with ricotta, mmmm!

Like the sound of this recipe? Access it here!

Check out the video in full below!

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