We are SO excited about the launch of our book The Busy Mum’s Guide to Weight Loss that’s IN STORES NOW!

Rhian Allen, CEO and founder of The Healthy Mummy and author of The Busy Mum’s Guide to Weight Loss chatted to Sonia Kruger and David Campbell at Today Extra to tell them all about how easy it is for busy mums can lose weight and be healthy.

Rhian Today Extra

Rhian on Today Extra

Speaking to Sonia and David, Rhian explained how she set up The Healthy Mummy.

“I was pregnant with my first child and gaining weight in pregnancy and I think that when you become a mum, everything changes. Your body’s changed, your energy levels have change and I don’t think they ever fully recover, you’re tired, your finances change and I wanted to create a weight loss and health program which catered for all of that.” 

She also showed them a few of the DELICIOUS family-friendly, healthy meals from the book including the Mexican lasagne, Spanish rice with chorizo, hidden veggie chicken nuggets and the choc cherry slice!

Check her out in action below!

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